Heritage Events - July 2017

Ticket Enquiries & Bookings: Telephone 01202 888992 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday

Thursday 6th, 2pm
10 The History of Paper - Talk by Robin Clarke

Paper is the foundation of our modern civilisation – it is a material we use every day without thinking about either its history or the technology behind it. Robin Clarke, Physicist and an expert in ‘Paper’ will explore 2000 years of its history and development across three continents to papermaking as it is today. He will even demonstrate how paper is made!
Tickets: £5 EDHT, £7 non-members Meet: Castleman Suite, Allendale House, Wimborne

Wednesday 19th, 2pm
11 The Queen’s Bodyguard of the Yeoman of the Guard – Talk by Yeoman Alan Saunders

Alan Saunders, Yeoman, will give a personal insight into The Queen’s Bodyguard and the Yeoman Warders. How and when was the Bodyguard formed? Who can become a member of such a historic and important institution and what are the duties of the Yeoman of the Guard?
There will be video footage of several Royal events to illustrate the talk.
Tickets: £5 EDHT, £7 non-members Meet: Castleman Suite, Allendale House, Wimborne

Thursday 27th, 10am
12 A Walk through the Puddles

An eight mile walk across some of Dorset’s rural heaths and woodland, before following the Piddle valley to visit the delightful villages of Affpuddle and Briantspuddle. Our route does not have any challenging hills.
Please bring a packed lunch, and allow time for tea afterwards, (not included in the ticket price).
Please dress appropriately for the weather with stout footwear.
Tickets: £5 EDHT, £7 non-members Meet: Details on ticket