Heritage Events - March 2019

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Friday 15th, 2pm
9. The Titanic Story and its Southampton Crew
Talk by Cheryl Butler

The story of the Titanic is well-known and holds an endless fascination, but this talk follows the story of three of its crew, who were all members of one extended Southampton family. Discover how they joined the ship and what happened to them on that fateful night in April 1912.
Meet: Castleman Suite, Allendale House, Wimborne

Tuesday 5th, 2pm
10. History of the British Sandwich
Talk by Steve Roberts

The Earl of Sandwich
Steve Roberts takes us back to the origins of the ‘sandwich’ and the occasion in 1762 when it became known. In a whistle-stop tour of our light lunches, Steve explains the origins of many of our favourite sarnies, the regional variations in our taste-buds, and quirky stories involving sandwiches - where fact is often stranger than fiction. Was the British Rail Sandwich really as bad as people made out?
Tickets: £6
Meet: Castleman Suite, Allendale House, Wimborne

Wednesday 13th, 8.30am
11. Visit to Oxford and Tour of the Mini Plant, Cowley
This is no longer a Friends Only Event. Tickets now available to everyone!

Mini Plant Oxford
Come and join us on a day out to Oxford!
On arrival in Oxford you will have a couple of hours to enjoy the beautiful city where you can buy lunch or bring your own to enjoy. We then drive the short distance to Cowley where we have the chance to experience the amazing production of the iconic British Mini. Discover, close up, the fascinating way Minis are assembled, from the steel bodies to the individual interiors in the assembly line – be prepared to be amazed! The tour lasts up to 2.5 hours and covers a distance of just over 2 miles, so please wear sensible closed-in shoes. For health and safety reasons people with pacemakers or insulin pumps are not able to enter the production line.
As with all of our coach trips we cannot predict exactly when we will return to Wimborne, but we will be leaving the Mini Plant at approximately 4pm.
Tickets: £38
Meet: Details on Ticket

Wednesday 20th, 2pm
12. ‘All that survives of us is love’ Philip Larkin
Talk by Mary Bevan

Mary Bevan, former lecturer of English Literature, returns with her knowledge of Philip Larkin (1922-1985). His poetry has been described as work ‘from which even people who distrust poetry can take comfort and delight’. One of the great poets of the twentieth century, Larkin explores the often uncomfortable and sometimes terrifying experiences of ordinary people in the modern age, using ordinary peoples’ language. We will hear recordings of some of his best known pieces and explore his work and the women who inspired him.
Tickets: £6
Meet: Castleman Suite, Allendale House, Wimborne

Sold Out
Thursday 28th, 10am
13.  Around Kingston Lacy Walk

This 7½ mile walk is along the many footpaths and bridleways around the perimeter of the beautiful Kingston Lacy estate.  There are no steep hills to negotiate on this mainly flat walk and we will hope to see some signs of spring in the hedgerows. Please bring a packed lunch, and allow time for tea afterwards, (not included in the ticket price). Please dress appropriately for the weather with stout footwear.
Tickets: £6
Meet: Details on Ticket