Heritage Events - November 2018

Ticket Enquiries & Bookings: Telephone 01202 888992 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday

Thursday 1st, 2pm
Portsmouth Part 1 – Harlots, Dung and Glory - Origins to Global Renown 1100 to 1790 - Talk by Andrew Negus

This four part series covers the origin and development of Portsmouth from 1100 until today. Founded by Norman Kings, the town evolved into the base for a navy
that played a huge part in making Great Britain the most powerful country in the world. Introducing many characters who have been involved in Portsmouth’s history
including murderers, harlots, Kings, Queens, admirals, actors, lots of sailors and even the inventor of the umbrella.
Tickets: £5 EDHT, £7 non-members Meet: Castleman Suite, Allendale House, Wimborne

Wednesday 7th, 2pm
Nursing Through the Ages - Talk by Professor Gail Thomas

Professor Gail Thomas is a nurse and midwife whose long career spanned general and neonatal nursing, midwifery, education and academia. Gail has been part of the ‘Memories of Nursing Project’ since it started in 2009 recognising the value of collecting stories of nurses and midwives in order to learn from their past
experiences. Sharing these stories is important to honour those who participated in the research, many who served selflessly for the benefit of others.
Tickets: £5 EDHT, £7 non-members Meet: Details on ticket.

Thursday 15th, 10am
Cerne Valley Walk

This 8 mile walk follows the Cerne River on the eastern side and the chalk hills that frame the valley on the western side.
There are some wonderful views on the return section.
Please bring a packed lunch, and allow time for tea afterwards, (not included in the ticket price). Please dress appropriately for the weather with stout footwear.
Tickets: £5 EDHT, £7 non-members Meet: Details on ticket

Friday 16th, 2pm
Nature in Trust - Talk by Mike Read

During 2016, Mike Read, celebrated Wildlife and Landscape Photographer, visited one Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust mainland nature reserve each month through the year to capture the unique scenery and wildlife.
The wide spread of locations produced a broad variety of habitats and this talk features much wildlife from birds to butterflies, flowers to fungi and mammals to
Tickets: £5 EDHT, £7 non-members Meet: Castleman Suite, Allendale House, Wimborne

Tuesday 20th, 2pm
Dorset through the Eyes of a Casual Farm Worker - Talk by James Crowden

James Crowden worked as a casual agricultural labourer for 20 years through the ‘80’s and 90’s, as a shepherd, sheep shearer, woodman and cider maker, first in
the Shaftesbury and Cranborne Chase area and then in West Dorset and South Somerset. His first book Blood, Earth & Medicine vividly records this way of life.
Tickets: £5 EDHT, £7 non-members Meet: Castleman Suite, Allendale House, Wimborne.

Friday 30th, 2pm
Portsmouth Part 2 – Harlots, Dung and Glory 1800 to 1870 - Talk by Andrew Negus

Join Andrew Negus for Part 2 of his series on Portsmouth. Find out how two Napoleons forced the creation of world class defences around Portsmouth and how
the Dockyard became the greatest factory in history. Learn about the Press Gang, Nelson, a gentle cobbler, an actress of mighty repute and how Australia was founded by rascals, how two new towns appeared, and why many poorer folk disappeared as Britain gained the largest empire in history.
Tickets: £5 EDHT, £7 non-members Meet: Castleman Suite, Allendale House, Wimborne.